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Hello. I am going through some issues related to my business bcz of which i have been drinking a lot of alcohol. i kno this is not healthy for me bt i dont know how to control. too much pressure

Post anonymously?

Please don’t let work stress let you make unhealthy decisions in life. You will regret them later when you will not even realise what impact alcohol has made in your life. Get professional help if needed :)


Alcohol destroys as simple as that. If you live yourself and respect yourself don’t let anything that harms you come near you. You are not weak. My family got Destroyed because of alcohol. I wish I could live my childhood peacefully and carelessly but sadly alcoholism affects not only the person vwho consumes it but the people around him too. Please stop it. You’re strong


Hey.I am glad that you have recognized that this is wrong for you. That is the very first step.
Now you must slowly control your drinks by minimizing them eventually. You will get there!