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I am going through a divorce process I married (court) with my bf last year for visa. During lockdown we stayed with our family. He started to become very controlling and aggressive. After a extreme fight I was not able to handle anymore so I stopped talking to him. Now he is in different country and I am still at my parents house. I miss him and cry alot and always doubt on my decision it gives me anxiety and sadness all day. I feel like Stuck can’t concentrate on anything. Think about him alot and always think what would have happened If I would have decided to stay with him. I stalk him sometimes …he looks fine and he moved on. But I am not fine…I am finding it very hard to move on.

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Stranger @alpa

I’m too young to advise you something but I would say u should think about him controlling u and being manipulative rather than thinking about ur happy moments or being in love moments it will help you moving on also ik it will be difficult but ik u can bcoz u r stronger than you think ik this bcoz u stood up for urself and u did a right thing as far Ik… Also I’ll say it’s okay to stalk him seeing him moved on will also help u and I suggest find some distraction that can be anything art, music, hanging out with friends , meeting new people or going on a solo trip… Hope this will help a bit … Also most important Staring loving urself more than you love him ❤️ thing is life goes people come make memories and leave and we have to learn to live without them eventually it takes sometime but everything becomes normal as it used to be … and if good time doesn’t last forever than this bad phase this will also go away … Try to be happy ik it’s easy to say and difficult to apply …
that’s what I think


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