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I am a teenage boy who’s feeling a bit low nowadays…
I don’t know what’s happening to me
I think i have a mobile phone addiction
The more I try to avoid it, the more I do it
Idk but its like a part of me is having all the fun and pleasure of using the phone but another part of me seriously regrets my actions and taunts me everyday while I go to sleep
My days are not becoming productive and I tend to lose hope of improving my studies every passing day.
If any of you guys could help, I’d be extremely grateful:)

4 replies

Ksoul @ksoul

Try scheduling your day where you can do both. Be productive and have fun .


Man i’m try to do my best but I just cant resist sitting wthout the phone in my hand
I made endlss schedules but all failed

Ksoul @ksoul

You can always find a solution. I can suggest you one thing. While working/studying you can keep your phone on focus mode or something similar where you won’t be able to use apps that distract you .

Anony Mouse @zapadoz

Just add a screen time widget on your screen you will become conscious of the hours you have spent now if you spent more hours then its on you buddy


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