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Hello guys
Today I wanted to share something that is quite strange with me, so basically I switched to this new company 2 months back before that I was working for some very good company from like almost 3 years… now when I switched I feel everything is changed and very new to me…just same like wo fresher wli feeling but I thought I changed my company that’s why it’s happening… but now it’s more than 2 months and I still feel like I’m of no use here… I never felt like that in my old company here I tried learning these new concepts but they’ve to understand that it will take time for anyone to learn them
I think they’re expecting a bit much from me and today I’m feeling low and upset on this thought that I’m not doing any productive work here
What should I do??? Any suggestions?

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anuj @anujvohra

It happenes when there is a switch. What part of job you are not happy about? You swtiched because of financial gain …which city you are in?


Actually I joined for the different technology but I got some good opportunity for some other technology to learn so I thought I should give it try to learn this… but in some days only they’re expecting me to know everything which why I’m lacking here… even though I’m learning but I got conscious in front of them whenever they questioned me… yes I switched for financial gain but I think I’ll loose my mental peace here

Amit Sharma @sharmaji

Mu thought is who will be my first friend on this platform


Definitely not me 🤦‍♀️

Amit Sharma @sharmaji

Thanks 👍 for your comment


Hey! I guess it is quite normal since I too underwent a similar thing.still not completely sorted though

Something that helped, form friendships with ur colleagues (if wfh make it a point to go and meet some of them)

Do some minor achievements, whatever is possible, once you get praise from others you will start feeling better.

Good luck


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