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why @ruthvik

Hello guys
This is Ruthvik
Actually I have took drop for JEE 2023…So, Can any help me out how should I study, What strategy should I follow & What are the important lessons for JEE Mais 2023…
plz…help me

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Anshul @thefreesoul

Bro if you have taken drop now, you have less time left. Join a coaching or any Online platform like Unacadmy, PW etc. For a dropper you have to work harder than 11th 12th students.
Your study schedule should be like this- Morning to Afternoon:- classes,
After class 1-2 hrs Rev of class notes and mark ur imp doubts. Rest Remaining time HW.
Before sleep Revise again the day’s work and after waking up next day study for the next topic. Give monthly tests and then make it weekly as exams come near. After 2-3 months of a topic completion Revise that chapter again and solve those ques u missed earlier and PYqs.
Books u should ask your teachers.

Akshi @akshhi

Im not from engineering feild but i guess every examination needs a self discipline…a schedule and consistency in preparation. Do some mocks and point out that in what subject u r strong and in what u r weak. Make a schedule according to that u can focus more on weak subjects and be consistent and disciplined. U’ll definitely get clear the exam then.

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He @redheadhammer

first u have to set a target like where you want to land like iit, nit, iiit and also which stream like cs ece etc. You have to make a strategy accordingly and in my opinion you need to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve before even creating a plan for it.

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He @redheadhammer

and remember no plan is good without consistency. Consistency is the most important thing if you want ti achieve anything in life


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