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Hello guys
So the thing is I’m a social media marketers and on LinkedIn I’ve got a client tbh I’m a begginer in this and the client I’ve go is an astrologer I’ve to manage his social media account but I’m not sure whether I should accept or not coz I feel tensed and scared after knowing that he is astrologer and gone through his account

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I think you should give it a try, you as a social media marketer you have to have many experiences on any topic I guess. So it can be a good opportunity to now how it is working on more stranger topics. And I believe you’re going to improve day by day. Don’t worry just work intelligent.


Ya ik it will help me alot but I’m just so much tensed we talked few things on wp and late today he sending me a Instagram request like I didn’t even shared it nor it is on my LinkedIn profile and it’s my private account not even related to work so idk what to do…

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