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Hello guys! I really need a piece of advice…I have a boyfriend and we want to get married, he is a very nice person but recently I found out that he is an anti-vaxxer which scares me… We argued about it and he doesn’t want to listen to my point of view when I show him facts that vaccines are safe and it’s important for health. He says that I just don’t know anything. Also, he is absolutely sure that in the future his kids won’t be vaccined… It’s very shocking to me and I am not sure anymore if I should build a family with him… When I will have kids, I don’t want to risk their lives
On the one hand, he is a very nice person, but on the other I am not sure that we would have a good future together because we are different… He is much older than me, he doesn’t take my words seriously and I am afraid what if everything would go wrong…
I will be very thankful for your advices 💜

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Try to convince him by showing comparison between people who got vaccinated and other!


I am trying to find more informations about this topic to convince him… It’s so difficult to talk with him about it again 😰 Thank you for your reply 💕


Have no knowledge about your relationship, but based on what you have mentioned, I think you shouldn’t go ahead with this relationship.
Respect is such an important factor in a relationship, listening is so essential and valuing what the other person says is important as well. If he doesn’t do that, there are possibilities that in the future he might be hell bent on his opinions and not consider yours. If it’s occasional, that’s okay but if someone is always disregarding what you say, then that is something we really need to take into consideration.
I hope you take the best decision. Sending you good vibes and I pray you get the best of everything! 💙


Yes, that’s right… I have time to think and make my decision… Thank you very much for your advice ❤


Hi,Do u got any solution?


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