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Hello guys,
I am a college student and i feel like i have anxiety and depression. I am not excited about life anymore. I lack energy and interest in doing anything in my life. I was not always like these… i was a happy kid … and now i am becoming a sad adult . I have gone through though times in my life specially the lockdown phase . I have many issues in my life like … family problems, feeling of loneliness, lack of friends, ending up getting rejected by girls even though i was very nice , my small height is another reason i feel underconfident , i feel like i wont find love in my life , my only brother doesnt care about me much , i cant share all these stuff i go through everyday with my parents , my brain is always overflowing with negativity and overthinking… i just feel like i dont want to leave anymore … pls help me i dont want to die 🥺

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hey! i recommend you to do things that make you happy. I truly feel you cause i’m in the same position as you. I am too much of an introvert and it’s so hard for me to communicate or make friends. I am very insecure of myself. I’m also going through anxiety and depression but i try suppressing it. The most important thing i’ve learnt from this is that “Time heals everything.” Trust me, you might think that i’m sounding very unserious rn, but time helped me so much. Also youtube and novels. I watched videos on YouTube that boosted my confidence, and i read novels that helped me distract from the outer world. You might not feel anything during the initial stages, but once you start feeling confident in yourself, everyone around you perceives you in a positive way. Confidence and time will literally change you.


Thank u so much !! Means a lot … i will surely try it out and i hope u can heal yourself fully … ‘cause u are a really good human being and i guess this world needs more people like you.


Heya……you are strong. Being nice is way stronger than being fake or rude. Dont worry about these….Backstage actions and preparations are always messy….only when the showtime comes, all the spot lights are on the performer at centre stage. You are the performer….please keep going….Reward is on the way. Every setback is a test. You are passing that being nice and mature. Its a gift. Don’t let this go waste. Have patience. You gonna find the love. Definitely.

Please listen to ‘Mahishasur Mardini’ whenever you feel low, if you follow Hinduism.

Remember, You are doing great. Don’t let others define you. Its not worthy.


Yes, i will keep patience … and will surely listen to ‘ Mahishasur Mardini’
Thank you so much for ur advice!! Means a lot ❤️

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Shabana S. @shabana_saiyye...

Hey adulthood is Difficult, talk to a mental health professional who can help you with your depression and anxiety.
Please take care


Going through the same 🫂🙃


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