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Sansthita @sansthita

Hello guys. Hope the day is treating you well. I have some news for you. My journey on now and me has probably come to an end- or maybe I should say that an indefinite break. During my time over here, I have really met wonderful people and all of you have helped me to grow, heal and become a kinder human being. Thank you so much for treating me with so much love. For a girl who hasn’t received a lot of love, this platform became like a home. It’s unfortunate that a time has come to bid good-bye to my home. Sometimes there are no specific reasons for leaving. Idk if and when I will be back. I am going to miss all of you a lot. Like a lot. You guys know right that I love you?? I always have and I always will. Take care. Till we meet. Love and hugs.

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Sattvik @sattvikshrijan

wait. what???

Sattvik @sattvikshrijan

At least boliye toh, why u r leaving. There has to be some reason. Ek baat toh kijiye

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Ashish Sharma @thatsmeashi...

Take care @sansthita


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