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Hello good afternoon, I have another question to ask.
Can someone have develop depression even when they faked it at first? I’ve been depressed for 4 years now and I am more than positive that I’m not faking anymore.
I’ve been through some heartbreaking things like friendships and other personal things that might have triggered it. And this whole acted ended up hurting me as I tell u I liked attention, I was never given that much attention at home so I looked for it at school by acting depressed and later on I’ve become socially anxious. So can someone tell be if someone can get depressed by being an act at the beginning or what do I have because I do feel depressed everyday…there is no day were I’m not sad or anxious/stressed.

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I’m sorry to hear that you feel that everyday you are anxious and stressed. If you don’t already have a therapist or can’t get one, I hope someday you can so you can have these feelings resolved.
As of now, I want you to know that how you feel is valid.
Here are some coping methods:
-Going outside with a glass of water
-Listen to upbeat music, sad music won’t help you.
-Search up the Butterfly Hug, a very good way to ease anxiety with minimal effort!
-Take a shower and clean up, as you’re washing yourself visualize washing away everything that has happened since your last shower, and all of it going down the drain and out of your hair.
I can add more, but I figured I would start with a few that could help you remember them. I hope this gives you some assistance and helps you feel better. 😄


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