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Nazim Qureshi @nazy27q

Hello friends anyone in a dilemma situation in life and need some helping advice can send me a hiiiiii…My advice can be helping.i feel 99% problem has a solution in life…So any problem in your life and you don’t know what to do …u can send me a smile will surely help you with my advice…Happy life friends

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Valza Smeth @alzalmania

🙂i don’t know how to focus

Nazim Qureshi @nazy27q

Where u cant focus…?

Dark World @john23

I want to focus on my studies but am not able… What should i do

Nazim Qureshi @nazy27q

Not focusing on studies is not a problem my friend. U need to figure out ur self what is more imp in ur life, mobile games , social media or all d entertaining things. You need to ask your self where u want to see ur self in future, you need to develop a goal…if you want to see your self struggling all life u can enjoy ur life today and if u want to see ur self sucessful in future den u need to focus on studies…so focus is not a problem it’s a habit which you need to develop…and its you urself who controls you. Keep away from mobile and you will focus your self. All the best

Dark World @john23

I already know what i want and where i want to see myself in the future but still i am not trying to chase my goal why ???
Before 2 year i am very ambitious and very disciplined person but now i don’t know what happened to me …

Nazim Qureshi @nazy27q

U need to figure out what is the thing which is keeping you out of focus…sit back and think

Dark World @john23

Hii i have a dilemma situation


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