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Hello everyone well life isn’t going to great with me I been with this girl for 7 years and during those time we would have little breaks, during those breaks I still treated her the same way but sadly during those moments she slept with someone twice the same person too. But she stated during the times we aren’t in breaks she hasn’t done stuff like that but I know and it’s make so sad because I would be one trying so hard to make sure things work out, I would pay expenses all that stuff. I lost some of her trust and actually having trouble to trust her, and it sucks since we been together for a while we have some great memories maybe that’s why I keep trying. but this was like a year ago so now recent I hurt her in a type I can never forgive myself this women I would treat her like a queen and everything but I don’t know now she’s having some doubts and want some space but this time it’s not break or anything she just wants some space while I’m there I’m not so sure what she meant by that. But it’s seems like this relationship seems like it’s done for but I don’t know I need help I’m honestly breaking down at work and each time it’s gets like I just want to end it sometimes and not only that I have cystic fibrosis as well so I’m just cursed to have a shitty life

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Being in a toxic relationship is never good for you, no matter how much you love that person. If someone doesn’t value and appreciate you, they’re not worth your time and love. You are a great person and you deserve someone who loves you and knows how much you matter. A relationship is all about mutual love and trust. If you don’t trust each other, the relationship loses it’s meaning. Just wait and you’ll find someone who loves you for who you are and the trust will be both ways. Just remember, there is always someone waiting for you out there, so never stop looking for them.


I understand how difficult it can be in situation like this.You are not cursed , you are just not with a person who makes you feel otherwise.

I hope you get strength to break things with her and be on your own for some time. I’ll be here to accompany you when you want to talk. But you gotta take first step for you own mental well being.

I’m here for you if you want to talk more on this.


Is there a way for you to contact me privately? I think I can help you out ♥️


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