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Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know what I’m experiencing
There is this girl i met when i moved in the city i currently live in, trust me when i say she is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She’s not hot, she’s ntot slim, she doesn’t have big “curves”, but for me she is the one, i cannot think of any other girl. When i am with her my heart is full of joy. Over the last years we became best friends, but really best best friends, we talk about EVERYTHING.
Lately she got a boyfriend, she tells me about how much she loves him, i try to support her and listen to her but i get really hurt when she tells me about their relationship. I have no one i can explain this situation to, i love this girl more than my whole life. we spent the past 4 days in a house by the sea with a couple more friends, it was the BEST week ever, we slept together (just sleeping :P) we talked, we walked, it was nice, but she loves another guy and i love her so much that i just want her to be happy, with whoever she wants.

Please, i need to do something, i can’t stand this anymore

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Ask yourself …Do you think she is the right girl for u.
Do you think you are better for her than his bf
Will this relationship last till marriage

If yes …than make her realize that you are only one mr perfect for her who is ready to accept her the wat she is.
but dont say it directly .take some time.
Case 2
What happen if u lose frndship when she say no…think about it also.
(U can say… I kinda feeling for u I Iik u bla bla .)
If her expression gives u some negative vibes that just say “hey I was see ur expression who will propose u idiot” ) .

dont lose hope. If she is made for u .u will definitely win her heart.
dont try to broke her relationship with his bf .never…

soon she will realise who iS more perfect for her
…Till then be friends with her. Bcos friendship last forever.

Be happy 🎊

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Dhadkan @angel14

I guess two of my friends have already done a great job by telling their thoughts 🌈…
N they r right dear 🌟
Just wanted to add that some ppl are meant to fall in love but not stay together … think about it …
U got this girl…right ? N so possibly if she’s not the one u ll eventually find ur Ms perfect 😇❤️
What u r seeking is already seeking u…🌌🌉… don’t loose hope…
Just that above the girl n above anyone …learn to appreciate , love and support your own self
That’s how a person improves personality wise …😚🌈🌟
When u ll be internally happy and satisfied with yourself…u won’t be this hurt…for u ll know your worth ❤️🌌🌌


Tell her you can’t be friends with someone u love cause you will be hurt


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