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Hello everyone, I want to share that my parents want me to go with them for an outing but I donโ€™t want to go because I am having my pre boards in the first week of January. I have told them before booking tickets but they thought at last I will agree. I have made them very clear about this but now when the time has come they are blaming me that because of me they are not able to go. I donโ€™t why canโ€™t they understand itโ€™s about my life and at last for their happiness. They will be the one who will be the most happiest person when I will score good. I am doing for them only and I canโ€™t waste 8 to 9 days, itโ€™s a big time. Canโ€™t they understand that at this time I need their support. But they are against me, they are asking again and again. I have told them that if they want to go they can I have no problem. But they want me also to go with them. They are still waiting for my positive response, what should I do? Should I make them happy and spoil my carrier? Orโ€ฆ Make my carrier?

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Hey you! See, if you go for the trip, you wonโ€™t be able to enjoy much yourself because you will be very stressed but your parents will be really upset if you donโ€™t go. So why donโ€™t you try and tell them to go for a shorter trip like 2-3 days? Maybe a weekend getaway? You can probably study in the car/flight and a little bit in the hotel as well. Try to get a balance and make your parents understand calmly about what you feel. Tell them you are stressed about preboards and that you canโ€™t go for 8-9 days. Explain them in a very soft manner and donโ€™t make it into a fight! All the best :)


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