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Hello everyone, i want to share something here and need some of your opinion because i have no one to share this i don’t have siblings even sometimes my parents won’t know what i actually gothrough in my life. I met a person in my college, he just proposed me but i just avoided him for some reasons as i know that he have more girl friends and some told me thats he is not good but eventhough a suituation made us to be close but my perspectives was not changed but after years i felt that he is really true to me and i started accepting him but was the thing he changed completely after that he beacame more possessive and using abusive words on me and even he beat me for silly reasons like if someone stands near me he will beat me, he started controlling me even i made him feel what he actually expect from me , now i lost myself be’cause of making him happy, days passed i feel numb because he always wants me to do want he wants finally i decided to move on from this the thing is that he pretend he is good infornt of everyone and no one knows what actually i gothrough now and then, it’s been 3 months after a long gap but he came again this week for my birthday and he said me that give me a chances i will not be the same (hearing this for nth time) what should i do now ? Im mentally not good :(

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anuj @anujvohra

If you are saying that the person was abusive to you, it’s best you take a break for longer time. Find new friends…why are u so keen on him? Are you emotionally invested in him?

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RAMU @rj1993

It’s Classic manipulative behaviour and he is just projecting his insecurity onto you, u have more control over your life and this situation than you think. It’s better to break this for your long-term mental and physical health, now at certain times he will still try to manipulate you into thinking he has changed but people rarely change. Do try to end any contact with him and be firm in your decision and don’t fall for his fake apology or any tactics

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Hey that’s a bad experience you’ve been through! You can connect with me I will share you a experience that might help you


Hey i went through something similar i sent you a connection request accept it let’s discuss


Your name ?

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