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Hello everyone !
I recently broke up with my bf .Things were not working out between us and I still love him so much .I told him to block me from every social media but he only blocked from on social media than I texted him,he texted back then he blocked me suddenly then again I texted him on another social media from there he did not block me but block my messages  it hurts so much this is the best relationship I had ,I never felt this way in past relationships I had .plz help me out it still feel unfinished and I know he is not a bad guy but his mind is unstable,his mind wandered everywhere and he is not satisfy with his life that is the also reason I broke up with him because he always search for more no matter how good things in his life .plz help me what should I do .

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Hi there,I think the answer is in front of you. You know what the problem is with him, yet, you don’t have it in your heart to leave him or break up with him. All I want you to know is, a breakup is never easy when the two people are very involved and attached to each other. Maybe that is the difference for you between this relationship and your older ones. So, ultimately it comes down to your choice and what you think is best for you. You have to think that if you were your own friend, what would you advise her? What is good for her? Try to decide like that. Maybe the right thing is difficult but it will be better for you in the long run. The pain and hurt that you feel right now, will go away with time. Don’t worry about that either. Just do what’s best for you. And you know what that is.


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