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Hello everyone. I need help. There is something very wrong with me. I get panic very easily. To control my panic I choose a way that was worst mistake of my life. I got porn addiction and I was so addicted that I use this as my way to escape reality. When I came into relationship everything was fine. I tried to stop that addiction and got succeeded to soem extent. But I did something that haunt me a lot. I sexchatted with a girl once or twice. This was worst mistake of my life. I thought to confront my partner but I got scarred but I decided to never do this again in my life. But one day my partner came to know that I sexchat with some girl. She loved me a lot and I did this mistake. I am so low grade person that I cheated on a girl that I love a lot. She is not with me. All I am having is a guilt. I never cheated anyone in my life but this is the worst mistake I did. I told her that it was one and last mistake and expected her to forgive me but I am so selfish that I forgot how I ruined her life. She don’t want to get back in my life and all I am having is a guilt. I love her a lot and I decided that I will never do this kind of mistake ever in my life.

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Gautam @lovely_boy2

You didn’t cheated on her. It was just like she didn’t made you happy and that’s why you took a different route to make yourself happy and that is totally ok. Just don’t blame and don’t be rude on yourself. If she understands you she will come back again


I did sexting brother. She did everything to make me happy. It was my lust that broke my relationship brother. I was wrong


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