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Hello everyone, i hope everyone’s safe, i m 18, i am head over heels for a girl, i have never felt this way for anyone else before. She has an ex who entered her life while we were friends, even though she knew abt my feelings for her, she asked me wait and after this her ex came back and she began dating him again, its been 4 months since and everytime she tells me abt their relationship, i feel like a stake is plunged through my heart, like it chips away at my soul, I don’t know what to do, i try to cut the cord, but I can’t seem to do it, every time i try to do it, a small part of heart says that maybe there is hope for us yet. I have always been focused and ambitious in life, but now i just feel vulnerable, all the time.

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The fact that she asked you to wait and started dating her ex back is a clear indication that she liked her ex this whole time
This feeling that maybe she’s for you and this fasle hope only gives temporary happiness .
Just try to distant yourself from her so that you can focus on yourself and your goals .

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