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Hello everyone, I have some issues I need help or suggestions
So in my 2nd year I broke up with my ex we had 4 years relationship n I really loved him n I met this guy in my 2nd year n we are friends ever since n now we are bff . He was there when I have breakdowns I have trust issues n relationship issues I am also scared of going though same past situations so I stayed single but Ik my bff likes me he did confess through chat but because I ignored n told him to stay friends only n he agreed . Everything was okay but this year I lost my one of parents n I am totally damaged Idk what to do I am still not accepting things… in between this we kissed he said he loves me n ik I like him but I lied to him n told I don’t have any feelings for him but idk what to say n what to feel I am scared …I coudn’t sleep in nights I have lot of anxiety n ever since I am thinking about him idk why this is so fuckedup
What am I suppose to do now ?

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Simran @st1199

It happens when you are scared to feel and go through the same things again. It makes you feel what if he also does the same as my ex? What if our friendship too is ruined?
Since he has confessed and is giving time to you and not forcing anything and you too like him. Just be honest that I m going through this, I need my time to overcome and think about something else even. He should understand and when you feel you are ready to get intimate or relation then only go ahead.

It will make things easier and you will not feel bad about lying to him. By this, both will maintain a distance and he knows when the right time comes both will be together. Just don’t rush into anything which you will regret in the end.


Hey look the fear that all that shit which happened in ur past is stopping u from having a clear decision n the fear of loosing a bff too so dear jst talk to him about whatever chaos ur going through n tell him to give u time m to ur bond too jstt dont rush into something jst because of fear of loosing someone work on urself tell him to wait for u only when u feel now this the moment i can so u mst go on with ur relationship dear don’t be too harsh on urself ur mind n soul are still in shock of loosing someone u loved all ur childhood so give time to urself

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TeeJay @dran89

Hey there Stranger!
Firstly, sorry for your loss. Its really tough losing a parent, but always know that they are now in a happy place.

Secondly, just talk to him. Do not ignore your feelings. Sending mixed signals will hurt him too. Let him know that now you are not in the right headspace, ask him for some time to reply. Trust me, if he has been your bff for so long, he is having his share of anxiety too.

Talking things out will not be “f**ked up” anymore.

Cheers and courage 😇


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