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Hello everyone,
I am confuse about my feelings there’s my guy bestfriend we sorta kissed but the other day I pushed him away cos I was in mess well I am idk wht to feel what to say I have anxiety issues I am very very very much anxious …he loves me but I couldn’t say that I love him idk why but I feel happy around him … I want to tell him that maybe( I like him already) i love him but idk what to say n how to confess idk this is right feeling or not ?matlab I love him orNOT OR it just because I’m mess and this is all in my head that I love him idk what to do?

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Hey, you need to give yourself time to figure out how you really feel about him.Communicate to him that you care about him and that you need to take some time to process what happened and in a week or so spend some time with yourself but just don’t over think it and you will know how you truly feel. Also remember that if he is a true friend he will give you that time. Also as many say that love begins with friendship, so keep an open mind. I hope this helps :)


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