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Hello everyone, how are you doing? If you come across this post, write down one good thing that happened to you on Christmas this year!!

It’s the season for love, gratitude and joy!!

Post anonymously?

Got to spend some quality time with my friends! 😇

That is wonderful, I am so glad that you had a good time :)


The best thing that happened this xmas was reply on this forum by a heartbroken person to my comment on his/her heartwrenching post
That person replied

These words from that person made me feel so amazing
Here so many ppl need help but we cannot do anything much
If our words can give little also strength
It means so much for us.

It was a very peaceful xmas for me…

Thank u
Merry Xmas

Hey kusum, I am truly so glad!! This is amazing!! More power to you

I got to spend time with myself and learned how to not hate being alone sometimes! All about the Self-love this Christmas (including a little too much online shopping 😬)


That is wonderful!! Self love is the best form of love( even if it means a little more retail therapy)


was waiting from long to share this with someone
It was one hectic usual day at work about to finish my 10long hours shift,a customer approached me and asked how’s your day and i replied saying its just one other day ,he aske me had you ever met santa in life and i was like nah never,i dont think i can, he replied give me your hand now you gonna meet and gave me 300$ Aud and he left i dont have any details of him other than his vehicle registration.

That was one best experience of mine in my whole life until now,he really made my day and my christmas,

Hey that is so wonderful! I am glad that it made your day!! I am so happy fro you! You deserve it!


Yeah it is that’s unforgettable.