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Hello everyone guys,

I would like to share with my personal feelings and thinking and I would appreciate if you can comment and leave your opinion as well…
I am 31 years old and 5 years I live abroad far from my family (grandma, mom and auntie). I try to save and help my family as well.
Recently when I was at home, I noticed many couples that created families. And since I dont have much friends also, most of the time I feel lonely and mostly keep interaction with my grandma, mom and auntie and I noticed that we’re attached to each other. And I love then a lot, and they everything for me. Time to time I have sad thinking what I will do without them because they are only what I have in my life. I never was in relationship because until today did not meet my partner for life. And my family want of course to marry me and create happy family. I wish but nowadays no one wants to take a responsibility and especially abrod everyone oriented only for short term relationship. So, being and working abroad last time I am more thinking as I a woman the priority must be to create family and money is never enough in life. So, am I thinking shall I return back home and try to meet our local guys and to try maybe at home to create family… but on the other hand, I feel like I am get used to live abroad and plus salary much higher so that if I come back I will not be able to earn so much money. … and Yesterday I criwd a lot and had battle inside of me in feelings like what to do, where to go, what I will do in future….

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Waku Waku @niku111

Try going back to ur place and talking it out with mom. Find a suitable partner who is willing to live in abroad with u. U can get married and live a happy life roo right? I’m not sure if am helping but still I’m just telling 😅😅

Anonymous @ana_s

thank u so much, ur reply guys means a lot for me🙏❤️

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mmm @sana296

Are yaar what’s there in this… Happily spend time with ur mom aunt though u r in abroad they will find u a best match don’t worry about that u r not gonna stay single forever it takes time to find best so chill… Make ur own enjoyment like in the way ur interesting… Make ppl u like laugh have fun make every moment fun memory … Don’t worry sometimes like this happens be in abroad if u were back parents would worry about ur condition so talk to them when ever u r not ok… But always be ok chill move ur self own out do shopping play something talk to random while playing games etc make moments none comes till end😇

Anonymous @ana_s

I agree and thank u so much…
So, if u would be in my place… would u come back home?

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Hope @cureplace

I have couple of friends who moved to India from abroad, everyone has made salary sacrifice but if you think you can have same level of career growth here in India, and also in India you require quite let to live the same level of life/ experience as abroad. so think in those term.

Do whatever bring peace to your life in long term. Abroad is also not heaven, it has its own challenges, so does India.

See what exactly suits your need and bring joy and happiness to your life, keeping in the aspect in mind about the salary that will let you purse the lifestyle you want.

Also relationships these days are fragile, be it Indian or abroad. Look for good partner yourself. Its you who has to spend the life with them.


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