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Hello everyone,
2 days ago I quit gaming for good since I don’t have time for it anymore. I tried to take time for it but I always got a bad feeling in my stomach when I started up a game and I closed it immediately really wanna play again it gave me a lot of joy and happiness but now with a full time job and a girlfriend who probably will be my wife in the foreseeable future I just don’t have time. My girlfriend started to blame herself for it and even suggested that I should take the time but I can’t I only see her on the weekends and it’s not an option not seeing her it hurts so much even thinking about it. What should I do my best friend whom I met because of gaming still wants to play with me and I still want to I feel very conflicted. In the moment I just want to leave it all behind me because this is a silly problem to have and I just want to forget about it .

Thanks to all who took the time to read this.

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Try explaining your best friend about the situation. or you can limit the gaming to a only once a month. I mean you can still be friends even if you are not gaming together.


i have a boyfriend that is obsessed with playing the game, as soon as he is off work thats the first thing and last thing he does before going to bed, and then does it all over again the next day, I personally feel like playing the game too much can hurt the girl just for the fact that we want to spend time with you guys. Dont get me wrong dont stop playing all together!! just make sure that you are always making time for the people in your life and you are never making it a priority!


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