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Hello everybody,I am here because I really need someone to talk to.Since I was a child I had always been this very shy kid…and it was not that severe.But then as I grew older,I started learning that the world is not an easy place to live in.I started to become aware of how others see me,and if I talk to them,I’m afraid they’ll talk about how shy I am,later when I’m not around.I hate going to school because that’s where everyone is friends with everyone.I would be that person who would just look at the other students laughing and chatting with each other.I would cry every day after I come home.I tried telling the one person who I trust so very much about how I feel,but she doesn’t understand me.It really hurts because I want someone,atleast one person to be able to understand how I feel.
My father would compare me with other kids,that always makes me feel bad.My family asks me to go do this and that outside so that I won’t be this shy anymore.I know they want the best for me,but even small things like just buying things outside is suffocating for me.I would be so proud of myself if I succeed in buying the things.
And also sometimes,I will get all sort of thoughts,“What was the point of me being born?I don’t do anything,I just make my family worry,I make them angry,I make them dissapointed,there’s no meaning for me to be here”.But I don’t want to suicide either.I just wish I would be able to fix this someday.

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Hello!! I know it might be complicated for you, going around and being able to talk to people is a really difficult thing for many people. Just know you’re not alone! Try making friends online (safely of course) maybe this will help you communicate and become less afraid to expose your personality. Knowing that the person you’re talking to can not judge you or talk behind your back is actually really relieving when you’re shy and have confidence issues. I think it’s a very good first step to gain confidence. Just remember that everyone out there is different, maybe you’ll meet mean people but it’s okay you can just block them. You can consider this like an exercice. Try speaking out more to different people online (always without sharing too much personal informations) and you’ll see, you’ll become more and more confortable I swear. Hopefully you’ll meet people you get along with and they’ll be able to help you feel less alone.

Once you gain confidence and start realising that you’re just as good and worthy of happiness as anybody else, opening up to people in real life will be easier!!

For your family, maybe try talking to your father about him always comparing you to other people. Idk what kind of relationship you guys have, but it’s better to let them know how you feel rather than keeping it to yourself. Communication is key and I believe you have some work to do with yourself in order to make ppl understand how you feel. It’s okay you got this!! Don’t give up!! Life is a wonderful thing when you have confidence!

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Simran @st1199

I totally agree with her!

Once you decide that I can do this, I can take the first step you will see you have achieved your first goal.
Without even trying there is no point in complaing but after trying and with different techniques one always gets up and learns many things.

You can also try some courses/workshops on Confidence building. Being shy isn’t a problem but in real life you can’t live without communicating with people.


First of all i want to tell you is there is nothing wrong with you…everybody at some point of time has felt the same. But the thing is that try to accept yourself and see the best in you or see what are you really good at it. When u are confident with yourself and when you think you are enough then automatically you will be able to talk to people. Always remember you dont need to satisfy anyone , the only person you should be comfortable/happy is with you


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