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Am feeling numb everyday now a days. I really wana go get some life but can’t get up from my bed, want to be in shape and being good looking but never felt from inside to do something about it and having eating disorder as when I get tensed I wanted to eat much. Want to feel love and affection but don’t want to indulge in people pleasing factor. Don’t know what to do
Can’t even come out to anyone as I am bisexual and being in the verge of broke inside and felt like oneday I can’t get up from my bed .
Need help

Post anonymously?

I can totally relate to you !!!
I have been feeling that for over a year now and what’s more my boyfriend broke up with me. So I fell in it deeper. Anyway, I live alone and away from my family. I haven’t been able to visit them for more than 1 year now because of international travel restrictions and a lot of other reasons. But recently I found out that I am going to get my leaves approved and soon will be able to see my family. A lot has changed since then. I finally did my laundry after 1 month. I finally cleaned my room after 2 months. I got up from the bed with a purpose. And I went to bed in the night and slept really well. What I’m trying to say it … I found a purpose, a drive, a motivation whatever you call it. I realised that’s what I needed all this while. I even started playing my Ukulele. And once I was feeling a bit better I started focusing on myself.
I hope you find your drive. And I hope this helps. Feel better.


I agree with them one hundred percent. You need to find small things to be happy about. Start small like doing chores or doing something for yourself or treating yourself. Maybe you could start a journal and just write three things you have been grateful for during the day it will help you see the positives in life and the me time is always appreciated. But even after this if you aren’t feeling good maybe you should approach a mental health professional.
I hope you feel better soon. All my love and support to you.


lets start going gym together…!!!
And don’t be ashamed for who you are.
I hope you will going to better version of yourself. I am rooting for hou.


Sure we will join and gym and inspire each other to be consistent