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Hello all,
This is my first time on here and actually I’ve never reached out to anyone about my problems because I’ve always felt like I could handle them. Just recently, my boyfriend and I almost ended our relationships due to my actions. I’m someone who always wants things to go my way and I’ve been like that since birth (taurus lol) but because things don’t always go my way at home, I rubbed off onto my boyfriend. We talked it out, and it was sure difficult but he is now giving me another chance. It’s been 4 days, and I know things won’t go back to normal for awhile, but I’m scared to lose him and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on if I should keep this going, or if anyone else has gone through the same? I just want things to get better.

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Hiii, thank you for sharing your problems here with us. I am sure you can handle your issues yourself but it’s never wrong to ask for help or for the opinions of others. It gives you perspective and more viewpoints to things you were probably seeing only from on angle.

Firstly, I personally believe that it’s not wrong to do things your way. I have been in relationships where I always gave away a part of me and always did what the other person wanted. They then started taking me for granted and that really dipped my self esteem. So, it’s absolutely okay to think of your needs first and then about the other person. You’re not selfish or wrong for doing so.

You definitely have to understand the other person as well BUT ultimately it’s about you being happy and satisfied in a relationship. If you don’t feel happy, then there’s no point of being with that person.


As someone who is also pretty set in her ways, I would definitely agree with the person above who said that you cannot give away a part of yourself when in a relationship. That being said, you must consider where you’d like to draw the line.

For instance, Am I just being stubborn or egoistic about this, or do I have an actual point that my boyfriend fails to see through…

This might be a good way to know if you’re just getting things your way, or if you have a reason why you’d like things to be a certain way.

Another question you might want to think about is, Is this as big of a deal as my boyfriend is making it to be? Watching the movie I like is a compromise he should be willing to make sometimes.
(Provided you are doing the same in return)

So, it’s a delicate balance between not losing your identity, but sometimes letting go of trivial things for your partner’s happiness.


Hey even I have same problem bcoz I am too that TAURUS yaar!!πŸŒ€


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