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Hello All!
I would like to share story of my crush…
A girl I liked very much and didn’t get back her feelings…
Lemme introduce myself I am a 23 yr old boy from an Indian City…
The story begins when I was 18 yr old just passed intermediate.
I was a coaching teacher then and taught Mathematics to the students of highschool.
Since I was teaching for nearly two years in coaching I was pretty experienced in teaching 10th
ICSE.This session was phenomenal for me as I obtained many students in my batch.<br>
Then came 5 girls in 10th who studied phy chem n maths in the coa.Firstly they studied maths
frm other teacher in my coa n two out of five of them rejected me for computers,so I was pretty
disappointed as I had not taught any girl since then.<br>
Then the five girls took me for maths trial.That was the moment when I saw her for the first
time.She was extremely beautiful.I was pretty impressed on her.I taught her taking her
examples in the class so as to impress her.She was impressed from my teaching but she had to
study frm some other teacher.That was the first Tuesday when I prayed to God for making them
students of my batch.God fulfilled my desire by a consequence and then they became students
of my batch.<br>
I was infatuated by her and was very much interested in coaching chores.<br>
I remember in the beginning of June when there was bhandara organised in our coa. I tried my
best to look smart. I joined gym.<br>
I wore a kurta and sunglasses so as to look handsome.That day I realised that she is also
interested in me.<br>
She watched me as if she was infatuated by me also.In pure hindi wo line maarne lagi thi.<br>
Two days after there was picnic to amrapali.<br>
There we enjoyed very much and talked a lot.<br>
We played antakshari in the bus and were there in the swimming pool for a very long time.I
touched her on her hand and became a friend of her.She applauded me,we danced together.I
supremely made bhaukal on her on that day.I remember that in the afternoon she was feeling
that I am becoming more committed towards her.So she started showing me attitude.The picnic
ended by me n her not talking in the bus.<br>
I never missed a maths class so as to avoid missing her.I organised extra classes just to spend
time with her.<br>
The coaching summer vacation started n only maths extra classes were organised.In this sort of
time we enjoyed a lot,partied together,shared experiences.That was the time when I fell in Love
with her.I started looking smarter day by day by purchasing new clothes,applying facials so as
to impress her.I told everyone in the coa that I like her.The whole staff chanted mine n her name
together.I regularly organised sunday long classes so as to spend time with her.
Moments came we enjoyed together.I tried my best so as to impress her but nothing
happened.She showed no sign of infatuation towards me.I convinced myself that she regards
me only as a teacher nothing else,but I kept trying.She didn’t even came on my bday as she
was ill.I was disappointed till the next picnic to zoo came.She came in that picnic and we
enjoyed together.We played games like kabaddi kho kho,clicked selfies but no sign of love was
shown towards me.
Next day party was organised in coa where we enjoyed again.
Three days later Ramayana was organised at my home.I took her and her group of friends to
my home where she met my sister and mother.I took them to batasha shop where her friend
indirectly told me that she herself likes me.But I liked mine one so I ignored.Few days later bday
of one of my colleagues came and that was the first day she sat on my bike.It was a remarkable feeling for me and on that day we roamed on the streets of my colony together.I even flirted with
her on that day,she flirted me back but it all ended as we reached back to the coa.She stopped
coming for few days coz of her pre boards and I remember 10th Dec was the last Sunday long
class in which we enjoyed.I organised daily classes afterwards just to see her.I decided to
propose her on last day of coa as if she had said yes then bravo and if no then she had been
going already.So I decided that 16 apr would be the day in which I would propose her.I tried all
my efforts to make her propose me only to know that she had left the coa.g
Yes she had left the coa coz of his father.I was harshly disappointed and broken.I reached
hanuman temple and sat there for some time.I was crying from my heart.23 Dec Friday was the
last day I have taught her and on 27 Dec I got to know that she had left.This spoiled my New
She also didn’t invite me in her brother’s marriage on the New Year.
Her friend who liked me still remained in the coa coz of me.
I saw her in market for a few times.This only reminded me of my memories with her.I decided to
keep her in my memories and not to do anything just because of me being a teacher…
But the story does NOT END here…

There are 3 more parts of this story…
If you want them then do inform me in comment section

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Please express yourself entirely, it’s good to open up.


Hey @Khushi1812 I am going to update 3 more parts of the story…
Please read them and do help me out


Sure, I’ll try my best.


So interesting do inform…


I have uploaded the three parts…
You can read them on my profile…






I want to know the girls POV as well


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