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Hello all. I just need some advice. I’m having tons of issues with my bf since the start of 2021. We have been dating since 2018. He started hiding things from me, he talks less to me and never available to talk about our problems(to be noted that he says that i’m arguing when i’m just expressing myself). He invests all his time in playing video games and talking to his buddies. We meet once per week for about 45mins and since june, I’ve started to block him for 3 days , 5 days and sometimes 10 days hoping that he will change when I start talking to him after unblocking him. But all in vain. He even started ill treating me but he doesn’t want to break-up with me no matter what…(He hides about being friendly with his girl colleagues and claims that he is not cheating). My mom and friends advised me to break-up with him I even broke up but found myself talking to him after 1 month…I’m stressed out plz help


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Hey! So something similar happened with me. It turned out that my boyfriend was actually seeing another girl just after we broke up. The reason he kept coming back to me was because I was his source of emotional support. Please don’t stay where you aren’t appreciated or treated well. He might not want to break up just because he needs you to fill the void he has when there’s no one else but also not appreciate you while you’re here. Please realise your worth.
Ask him very boldly to meet you in person, talk about everything in one go… and you’ll know girl! You’ll know what to do when you hear him answer.
All the best❤️
Hope this helps


Thank you for your advice, means a lot!


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