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Heard today
You missed me?
Was it really me
Or just the melody,
Like 9249
Remember how it rhymed?
The way you heard my number
And made me give you
Like multiple times,
You used to say
You keep losing it
All i knew was
You didn’t feel
The need to save it,
Keeping me on the edge
So it wouldn’t hurt, to lose.

Used to tell me stories
How days keep you busy
And how you only miss me
During the lonely nights
When your mind
Won’t let you sleep,
3 days a week
I remember
You used to call me
And if i were busy?
It doesn’t matter
You were the priority, for me,
Like when i used to say
Let’s call it a day
And you always
Came and hug me
How could i refuse it?
You knew i was a loner
And you, my only remedy.

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