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3am ThoughtsThought


He told his friend that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship w me cause he’s scared I might stop talking to him or stop being friends w him if things don’t work out in the future or we break up and stuffs. Idk how to feel bout this. I understand where he’s coming from cause I feel the same but also, it hurts so bad!

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are sure you are going to happy

VasHappenin @disappearing

I don’t think so, but all I want is for us to text and talk. I don’t expect relationships too. I wanna text but I think I’m annoying him at this point

Joy Andrew @ukemzy

If you don’t text him
How will you know

VasHappenin @disappearing

We used text everyday but then yesterday, I tried replying the way he replies to me and realised I was the one who tried to keep the convo going all this time. So I gave up.


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