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Long Distance RelationshipThought

DSR @20y

He said he’ll do anything to make this plan work, he’ll manage everything he just want to see me anyhow, and if this isn’t love idk what is. He’s too good for this world, I just feel bad that what all he had to go through, I don’t want to be a burden on him, he says I’m never a burden on him. I love him so much, I want to see him happy anyhow, I never felt this way for anyone and no one ever gave me such a high importance in their life, it felt so unreal but I’m so happy he’s mine and will always be touchwood. There’s nothing I could ever ask for, he’s more than what I ever deserved. I want to give him more than what he deserve, I always try my best to make him feel special, he’s a hardworking guy, he works all day and is devoted towards his work and family. I’ve been a bad girlfriend to him, I love him more than myself but I have anger issues and when I’m frustrated I vent it out on him and it’s just too evil of me, I need to understand him in every possible ways. Due to certain past issues and other problems my behavior is this way but still he understands me calms me down, spread good and positive vibes on me and assures me on everything, it’s really beautiful. I’m working on myself, to make myself the best person for him and be his peace, what he does for me is a lot more than I or anyone can imagine, it’s just so unconditional. I’m never letting go him at any cost, he’s just too beautiful.

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I have a person justlike him but I’m confused if it is love or just the feelings came from frndship

DSR @20y

You’ll know that with time definitely but keep him/her safe and protected with you always.


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