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he is my best frnd from 2014 3 years ago i fell in love with him and i proposed him but he rejected me…still waiting for him to accept me becoz i’m sooo deeply in love with i want him as husband one day he talked with me like he also feeling same about me i feel like that he loves me too me and he share some romantic thoughts of us we both kissed on lips he touched every place of my body but not commited for sex we both spent like lovers i thought this is love becoz i’m already in love with him and he know that after couple of days i asked him indirectly about relationship status he said that he is single he is not in love with anyone i was just shocked he said that he can not imagine me as lover or wife he said he dont have any feelings on me he said whatever he did was to make me feel happy at least for few days total my happiness collapsed i’m in dying position now…only one question in my mind if he never loved me than how can he touch my body if he never get feelings on me how can he spent like that with me i never thought a person can touch my body as a frnd too i never thought frnds can also have physical relation for time pass i’m not sure whether he played with my feelings or i played with my self but today i’m not a person any more i just feel like why i still alive in this world after knowing this can any one please tell me if my best frnd can spent physical with me then why can’t he imagine to marry me what’s wrong in that i really need him but he simply said he can be only friend

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Trust me…if you pursue this, its gonna get ugly for you. Been through this, its disturbing and will change you. But please move on, give yourself time…you’ll be fine without him soon. Cut him off from ur life, believe me…you’ll be good and free in a few months.


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