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Having the worst day of my life, which had already been hell for over 6 months. My ex girlfriend took all my friends away from me. She didnt want me to speak to my best friends. And as a stupid person, i did what she said, i dont know why, and i regret every single second. Although, she kept makin sure that she loves me, and i thought it was true. When it got too much, i decided to break up, and she fancied with everything like she’ll never see a guy like she saw me. she’ll never fall in love with someone. She will not do this, do that. Even though i knew i shouldnt care, it did make me feel alright. Today, i got to know, that she got intimate with some other guy during lockdown and dint tell me for weeks. I lost everything because of her, friends, my bestest friend, everyone. And was so done with life. And this, just wanna make me kill myself. i dont know what to do. I lived a lie for 9 months, got so attched, like anything, and now, i just. I just wanna just leave everything. i can’t deal with any of this.

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Going through something similar. For me it is a great help to write everything down on a paper and try to do sth else, but I also know its hard because of lockdown…

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Get back with your friends and family as soon as possible and share this problem with the person you trust the most, it’ll be like a weight lifted from your chest, you will feel light and ready for life again


You are stronger than this. I know heartbreak sucks and all the feelings don’t go away instantly but you have try. Try talking to your best friend again. Explain it to her what happened. Take that one step towards getting better and you’ll see everything working out for you.


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