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haven’t visited this amazing platform for a while now and I am guilty of leaving these amazing people alone in their sorrows. I hope everyone is doing ok, it doesn’t feel like the right thing to ask during a pandemic but still feel free to share 🌞


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Post anonymously?

Hey welcome to the platform. You’ll be amazed how strangers help each other with comforting words

I know right! People can be so amazing when not discriminating.

Hey hope you too are doing great.

yes, I am doing well thank you and I hope you are safe and staying home.

Yes, i am great too and also tired of being at home.
That is really something i am hating these days.

So how are you passing your days at home?

oh, I am so annoyed. every day is just like the day before, nothing eventful. But meeting and talking to new people here helps and I have picked up on the things I left off saying I don’t have enough time.

So yeah, just one day at a time.

Ahhh i know, staying at home is so annoying.
Can’t even work. The only things that is in my mind is just the ride and the mountains.
I miss my bike and mountains soo muchhh.
But han talking to new peoples here helps for sure.

Yess🙌 honestly all i can think about ie street food😝

Do share some special recipes if you have in mind😛

Street food is something that i am also missing🥺
I miss momos.

Thank you for believing in us and reaching out to people for help. 💛🌸
Would appreciate having conversations on the platform rather than other SM handles for everybody’s safety. 😊



hey rey, hope your are doing well. I just started this platform and see your post at first.

Heyy!! Welcome to the family. You’ll love it here I promise, people are so amazing! ❤️❤️


Thanks man…😊