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Have you guys seen “The Girl from Plainville” and it’s a mini series based on a true story. If you liked the first season of “13 Reasons Why”, you might like this one too, because it deals with similar themes of mental health, suicide, and the impact of social media. It’s based on the story of Conrad and Michelle, two teens who met online and had a toxic relationship that ended in tragedy. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend you to watch it, am gonna share my thoughts on the show, it’ll be longer and filled with spoilers, but I hope you read it…
When I saw this show, it completely broke me. I felt like both Conrad and Michelle were suffering from depression and loneliness, and they were looking for a connection that they couldn’t find in their real lives. This mini series beautifully portrayed how both of them went through their mental health disorders and struggles, and how they tried to cope with their pain in different ways. Conrad was a smart and talented young man who had a bright future ahead of him, but he also had a history of suicidal thoughts and attempts, and he felt like he didn’t belong anywhere. Michelle was a troubled and insecure young woman who had an eating disorder and a history of self-harm, and she felt like she didn’t have any friends or support. They both needed help, but they didn’t get it.
But for one mistake, Michelle was portrayed as a villain for manslaughtering Conrad, I mean, forcing him to commit suicide. I don’t think she was not the only one who failed him. What about his parents, who were divorced and distant, and who didn’t notice his signs of distress? What about his friends, who didn’t reach out to him or support him? What about the mental health professionals, who didn’t provide him with adequate treatment or follow-up? What about the society, who stigmatized and ignored his condition? What about the media, who sensationalized and exploited his story?
Michelle talked to him when he was going through difficult times and gave him hope for a while. She made him feel loved, irrespective of what her intentions were. She tried to seek attention, but she needed help as much as Conrad did. She was also a victim of her own mental illness, and she was also a product of her environment. She was not a monster, she was a human being. And so was Conrad.

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