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Himanshu ji @himanshu_69

Have you ever given a thought about why bad things happen to good people and good
things happen to bad people

I have figured it out that’s what actually happens .

 One of my senior told me that
Life actually works in long-term

We become very happy when something happened in short-term whether it is depressing someone insulting someone in front of a girl And impress her

Or become very bad in situation where we wins but morally we don’t have to.

So what happens is  these things installed in our subconscious life manifest it as  We do bad things and every thing will happen good and other side but it doesn’t happen when a person becomes bad at every time the long-term effect will also be bad this is very broad and you have seen that bad thing happened to a nice man
 but in the long term if you see the growth the happiness the mood the family all will be affected nicely with a nice man.

 And God will definitely do good things to the nice men and bad things bad man

God  may help bad person to win the situation with the bad things

 but God will not support the bad things at long-term basis he will definitely punish him out0 be aware

 And become a nice man because environment shapes the human

And you become what you believe

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1 reply
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anuj @anujvohra

True…great thoughts


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