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syah @soulmateneededasap

Have you ever feel like you love someone really much… you watched various love movies… adoring the character’s love for each other… and then It snaped to you that… it can’t happen because you scared of the consequences that she might push you away, ignore you and scared that it might break your relationship and the closeness that you have build with her?

I feel that…
every. single. day.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Hey @soulmateneededasap,
The struggle is real! It’s so hard to find someone who truly understands and cares about you. And when you think you have found that person, you don’t want to do anything to ruin that.

I hope whoever that person is in your life, finds your way to you. Until then, don’t stop believing! And don’t be afraid to follow your heart ❤️

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same here , i try gettting close to these girls and suddenly realize all the ways they could hurt me and push them away and i mean they allwere narrow minded ones .I wish I could fall in love and that person could catch me and hug me soo tight that i would just forget every thing.


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