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Have been in love with a guy for 6.5 years, he had been struggling mentally and emotionally for one year now. He would text me back 5-6 times a day, take breaks in between, didn’t call me for months and it was breaking me but I kept going, put all I had in us hoping he would heal one day but suddenly it didn’t matter anymore. He broke up w me on one day out of the blue, my parents knew about him and just 10 days before he was even coming to meet them but everything just got over out of the blue. It’s traumatic for me, I thought he was the only one who’d never leave but he did and that broke my trust. Everything hurts so bad, he thought I couldn’t relate to his pain but sometimes people can’t relate unless they go through the same thing themselves. Now I’m like him, the constant anxiety is killing me, I can’t breathe without feeling the heaviness in my chest, even surviving a day feels like struggle. I’ve lost my happiness. Guess who put herself out there so much, lost herself in the process and now is so hurt and broken? Me. The only one who was there for him and supported him. I ended up becoming an emotionally unavailable, anxiety ridden and saddest person I’ve ever known. Maybe he stopped feeling till the point he couldn’t even love me anymore.
I do feel lighter, don’t have to carry the relation anymore for someone who wouldn’t reciprocate what I gave but he was my best friend and the loml, feels like I lost everything

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