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Have anyone of you been in pursuit of having a special friend and logged into devices like Bumble or Tinder. I have been twice body-shamed and fat-shamed with comments like “we don’t make a pair” or someone actually cut phone when saw my other images and never called back. 
To all the boys actually, I wanna ask, why do these boys do this ? Cant, they straight away mention they need hot girls and too ashamed to show us to their friends? I have not known many boys in the capacity as friends ! So…

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Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… I just wanna say don’t care about such persons. I mean just don’t get affected about what other say about you… Your looks or your body. You just be confident about yourself coz being positive and confident is important in life. 
Just achieve heights in your life and that will make you more happier.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, thanks for sharing this with us. It happens with almost all of us when people make fun of us and does body shaming. But, the thing is why are you allowing them ? And you should not get affected by them. 
Ignore them. All we want is to be successful in life where our body doesn’t matter. 
More power to you.


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