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Haunted by my own thoughts πŸ’­
I just don’t know how to make them go away
How to stop them
How to not think negatively
It hurts so much

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Junaid Ahmed @junaid13


Hey there!!

I have experienced it and it’s get frustrating at times .
Overthinking , creating multiple situations in mind .

I understand buddy.
Find a way to understand and diagnose the issues.
Whatever you are going through, is completely okay!!.

Keeping a journal helps me , like writing up all the issues and where things are going wrong , what can I do to make changes for a better and balanced life .

It gives clarity .
I strongly recommend you to do something where you can put your thoughts out , bring clarity to the situation and accept what it is. Than finally take a small step towards changing things.

Like you took a step to put it here.

It’s amazing.

It will definately pass and make you more understanding about yourself.

Please let me know if you need any help .

Cheers ✨

Mariah @riah_kate


Me too

Aakifah @kifah


If you need to talk about it I am always here for you

Aakifah @kifah


Thank you so much
Will definitely try journaling


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