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AD @addy14


The 16 to 25-year-olds of today. We are a very confused millennial. More importantly, I tend to think that we are a much more misunderstood millennial. In this era where everything is measured by the number of Snapchat streaks, Facebook likes and Instagram followers, we may have forgotten how to actually measure ourselves. Take a moment. Just take a moment and imagine your life without social media. Now ask yourself what would you share with yourself truly, not everyone else but yourself.

Did it hit you? I hope it did. We are all a bunch of sad, depressed and flawed human beings. We pretend to be happy, but are we actually? Maybe it’s what’s going on in our life. Maybe it’s the bad things going on out in the world. Maybe it’s our inability to do anything. Maybe it’s our family. Maybe it’s our siblings. Maybe it’s our career. Maybe it’s our love life. Maybe it’s just that, we do not know what exactly the fuck is going on?

But yet, we don’t want to talk about it. We don’t have anyone we trust enough to talk about it. We keep it buried inside. We put on a fake smile, pull out our smartphones, click a selfie, post it on Instagram and hashtag it #life’sgood. Really? Life is good?

Why can’t we just be happy then just pretend to be happy? Why can’t we go out and hang out with our friends because we want to, not because we want an escape from the harsh realities of life?

When you meet your friend tomorrow, instead of gossiping, instead of clicking selfies why don’t you talk? Those smartphones aren’t going anywhere. Look at their face. Do you see that smile? Do you see that happiness? Do you think it’s genuine? Or is it?

What might be hidden behind that smile? The weight of expectations she is carrying as a 16-year-old to whether to become a doctor like her parents or follow her heart to become a singer.

What might be hidden behind that smile? The constant fights that his parents have every night while he holds his 6-year-old crying sister in the corner of his room.

What might be hidden behind that smile? The pieces of a broken heart that he is carrying, because he is a guy and is not brought up in a way to share his emotions.

What might be hidden behind that smile? The constant bickering of his boss at his high paying job he took instead of his passion for photography.

What might be hidden behind that smile? That there have been rapes happening at a constant in our beloved motherland and we can’t do shit about it.

The person with the broadest smile in your life might be the closest to ending his/her life. If you are happy, let others be happy. If you are happy, make others happy. Depression can’t be seen. But it is real. It is bad. Some have come out of it. I hope you do too.


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Simran @st1199

Thanks for sharing it.
It’s very rightly written and shows you have a good understanding of the world out there. 💯🌸

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dhvani @dhvanee

I don’t know if this was meant for a 14 year old person, but this really hit me hard, and I totally agree with each word spoken and each question raised, the problem just being that some of them out there are so busy in maintaining a good social media life that they are not really answerable to these questions.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

I wish we could make the world a better place or at least a little less worse than it already is.


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