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A @_depravity_

Has anyone gotten married and then within the first 6 months felt more lonely than you’ve ever felt before?

Like the addition of people into your ‘family’ circle has only made you aware of how much you stick out when compared to the family that you’ve moved into. The well oiled machine didn’t need that extra part but now here you are just wondering what your role is.

The language barrier with the in-laws and their inside jokes that you’d never understand just cause you haven’t been in their lives for long. What happens when all of this just piles up and your partner doesn’t care enough to do anything?

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Thank you to everyone who has kindly taken time to reply to my rant. I’m greatful to be heard.

I understand that this might make me sound a bit dramatic (not that the username is helping😅), but I’ve seemed to have lost the little sense of purpose that I had in life after I got married. In a way I guess one of the main reasons has to be that I resigned the job I had before I got married and now am stuck at my in-laws place with no sense of direction. Anyone who’s faced multiple job rejections should know the feeling.

A @_depravity_

So just realised I changed the settings😅, this still the OP.

Also before anyone asks, no neither my husband nor my in-laws asked me to leave my job; I just didn’t think that spending more than half my salary on travelling to-&-from work was feasible.

❤️ @lostsoul_12

It feels like hell. And probably you want to run away. But above all you really need to trust your partner and communicate with him. Tell him how you feel about everything and if he loves you genuinely maybe you can win this battle🩷

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❤️ @lostsoul_12

That is what i wanted to say. Try and talk to your partner

A @_depravity_

Thank you for your reply, here’s the thing he is a good man but he’s mum is a full on boy-mum. I just hope I can finally get a job & we can move out after his mum’s retirement.


Your partner should understand what you are feeling, it’s his/ duty and responsibility

A @_depravity_

Thank you hun, but I do feel like we have very different communication styles. He’s more relaxed & laid-back, while I’m the anxious oldest daughter in an expatriate family.

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Shivay @shivay_

Heyy are you alright.
Whats been going on in your heart.
And was it an arranged marriage or you both knew each other.

A @_depravity_

Arranged marriage from a micro-minority community 😅


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