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Aanchal @aanchalchauhan

“Happiness” What is even happiness? in my view happiness is very subjective , its meaning varies from person to person . For someone happiness is just lying in your mother 's lap and getting the desperately needed head massage , or its being with your bf lying under the starry night and enjoying each other’s silence . is life composed only of happiness? No, Life is a paradox, paradox of pain and happiness . And pain , suffering , struggle is inevitable and thats the bitter truth of our existence . But whats the beautiful truth of our existence is that we humans are filled with hope , love , generosity and ability to face the struggle and change the pain to the strength that never dies

2 replies

happiness is only momentary, a temporary feeling of elation. we are not always happy, which does not mean that we are sad. we could be in fact feeling: content, at peace, upset, annoyed, frustrated, angry, jealous, confused and the gazillion other kinds of emotion that exist

Khushboo @khushboo

I liked what you said. Firstly happiness and it’s definition varies from person to preson. It might be sleeping on mother’s lap for one, while with his/ her lifepartner on the other hand. And the truth of life is we can’t always stay happy. Life is full of struggles,  pain, irritation, frustration, anger, and many others.
And to overcome all of those is exactly our live. Stay positive.


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