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Hai I’m fed up with my life I’m a 24 year old, a little obese my parents finding matches and I’m getting rejected every time. And if anyone likes me they want more dowry just because I’m fat and my mom says now I’m a burden to them . Sometimes getting thought to end up my life.

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Hey @zarra!
Yes things are not working as you want but please don’t let anyone point out to you and say your a burden. Raise above it to make people regret what they have thought about you


Thank you

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Hey Zaara,
How will you make others respect you until they are allowed to say such harsh things to you?
You need to tell them to stop there and tell them that it bothers you. You don’t have to listen to all this.
And you don’t have to settle down with someone who wants dowry in today’s world and rejecting you because of your body shape.
You are amazing. You just need to stand up for yourself now.


Thank you it really means alot for me


Do you love yourself the way you are? Because that matters.


Yes I do but constantly saying you’re fat. You’ll get health problems and no one marry you is annoying


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