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Had a fight with my gf yesterday and I’ve tried fixing things, she says its okay but she’s acting really weird and sad. I don’t know what to do, my brain has stopped functioning, things are gonna get worse I feel.

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Just giver her time and space. She will be okay soon.
Everyone process things differently.
Relax and just giver her some time.!!

Sanket @sanket

Oops! Do everything to make her feel happy again. Apologize to her, talk with her the whole day, just get on track


hey, nothing is gonna be worse than giving up, so don’t give up. take your time and let her take time. give each other the required space and then bounce back. talk to each other, when you both are in the right frame of mind and sort everything out.
in the meanwhile {just a suggestion}, if you while u wanna say something to her or if u feel even for a second that she is gonna get those thoughts of separating or anything txt her “I’m not gonna lose you, we will fix this, we will get through this together”. she will feel nice maybe, even for a second!
much love💕


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