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Guy’s perspective about their bodies:

I’ll never be good enough will I? Looking at myself and then looking at other guys, I can tell the difference.

I look down to my stomach, but I don’t see any abs. I know a lot of girls like that and when I look at myself I just know nobody will ever want me. I’d like to feel accepted by my friends too…

And my face… no trace of a jawline? How could I let that happen?

I get shamed by people, judged by girls just because one guy catcalled a girl years ago? Or months? I get it, it’s a very serious matter and I support it. But judging me? For something that someone else from my gender did?

I also get sexualised, I also get r@ped and I also have feelings!! Maybe I don’t show them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any! I was born and raised like that! And when I try to talk about one of my worst memories, getting r@ped and sexualised, nobody listens to me?
I also need someone to open up to and talk.

How do guys get sexualised you think? Well first, my hands. ONLY MY HANDS!

« Oh look at how big his fingers are, look at his veins, I wonder what it would feel like »

Then my legs and arms too!

« Look at his thighs, I wish I could r!de them. Look at his arms, he’s so strong! I bet he’s able to pick me up during s€x »

And worst part, my voice also gets sexualised.

« His voice is so deep, I wonder how he sound when he mo@ns »

I just don’t get it. Why ignore me when I call for help? Or judge me for something another guy ddI? Why call every guy the ‘same’ because one broke your heart?

⚠︎︎Stop judging people. Stop judging every gender. Stop having gender wars when it’ll get you nowhere. This is wrong, this is something people have to understand⚠︎︎

(This was written by a girl, so if I got it wrong, please tell me. I have no idea if everything I said is true, but with what I have seen and what I have heard I guess this is what most guys feel like)

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I would speak what i relate too. I was skinny , like real skinny till two years back. People made fun of me then too. Covid period i got homestuck and put some weight now. I look healthy but i got a double chin now (lost my jawline).
Sometimes i do compare myself not having abs but I am okay with it. i did not experience being sexualized though but i wont deny other guys might have had been sexualised like you mentioned.
And yes we are touched inappropriately too and texted in ways that i do not like to be talked about .
Thank you for this.

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I’m really sorry that happened! I wish people could understand guy’s problems too but most of them are naive and blind to our harsh reality! To me it doesn’t matter what you look like and I’m sure you’re cute, handsome and pretty <3 If you ever need to vent, I’m here! Just ask for my socials or something


Thank you for being kind. Im doing good now. Hope you too are doing good.

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You shouldn’t have to thank me for being kind! And I’m glad you are doing better.


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