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Guys my friends whom i been with for like 7 years now is like suspicious like i think heโ€™ve been hiding alot from me since 7th Grade like at Grade 7 he always tells us to go home without him, He got something to buy and things to do and its like a normal thing so we just do as he sayโ€ฆ At 8th Grade i planned on following him once he said that again. And after a few weeks he asked us to go home without him again he told us he will buy some foods and other things cause at 8th grade heโ€™s living at a apartment alone and not because his parents or dead or something like they divorce. So after school i also told my other friends that i got stuff to do. I kept my eyes on my friend and follow him from a distance, when i know that he needs to take turns i speed up walking so that i dont lose contact sight of him and many students is also about to head the same way so it will be hard finding him once i lost him. Once he turned left i run a little as fast as i can and when iโ€™m near the turning place i stopped and tried to follow him again. After a few minutes he went to the park so i run to park and at the entrance heโ€™s there at the side leaning on the wall and he looks at he and said โ€œStop following meโ€ he smiled and continue walking i got so shocked for at what he said for i always keep my eyes on him weโ€™re like 25 meters away from each other and he didnโ€™t even look back once and he knows that iโ€™m following him. After him saying that i dont know what to do anymore and i feel like i donโ€™t wanna follow him anymore. From then on i never even once followed him when he told us to go home without him again. But today that the class returned and when on the way to school we passed by at a couple police and when they saw us they did a salute, i look at my friend he look back at me tilt his head a little and smile and he did it to me " ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคซ",iโ€™m like wtf!!!๐Ÿ˜ณ At school he didnโ€™t talk about it and act normal and starting today iโ€™m sleeping at this guys house and find out wtf he hiding. Now question do you think he just playing around or he really hiding something?!

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