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Guys, kya aapko bhi esa lagta hai that the world is heading towards more negativity?? I hate using Instagram nowadays…comment section kholo itni negativity hoti hai… people think it’s cool to be rude and toxic. Like wtf?? Dark Humour ke naam pe logo ne kya kya chize normalise kar di hai. It’s a pure shame!!!

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anuj @anujvohra


Sometimes it happens. You can stay away or use sparingly


Unfortunately 🤐

sunny Chui @sunnychui


Instagram works on an algorithm that shows you more content that it ‘Thinks’ you like, so if you really want to get rid of negative content without having to get rid of the whole platform, start actively searching for positive content and accounts and following. All these AI and algorithms are the same as our minds, put your attention on things that make you feel good, dont bother talking about negatives. See how your life change afterwards:)


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