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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

guys i’ve had such a shit night. a boy that broke my heart popped up to me tonight and started calling me names. he told me that he had shagged one of my friends, she told me that they hadn’t, so obviously one of them is not telling the truth. this hasn’t got anything to do with me, but they are both telling me 2 different stories. he said that i was a fucking joke for spreading shit, that i was a fat bitch. that i have no friends and i am boring. he said he now knows why no one likes me. he was the person i lost my virginity to, i said to him that he used me for a shag. then ditched me soon after. he said that i was begging for it and that it was my fault. i said you’re no 10/10 so stop acting like you are. he said that i have no personality. then he said stop driving a wedge between me and my friend, in reality they haven’t spoken in over a year, makes absolute no sense. then to top it off, he called me a reject, no one likes me, i’ve shafted him. i ignored all these messages, he continued to pop up and call me a bitch. i don’t care at all what he thinks of me, it is just the fact that i often wonder if i am boring or fat.
just had to get on here to write this x

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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

i am going to try and have the best glow up ahahaha, then after quarantine he will be like oh fuck what have i done. thank you :)

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

yeah i will do!! he liked a few of my instagram posts earlier, was very weird


He clearly has some issues of his own for picking on you. If it continues - try and find a volunteer group that can help you - especially if its turning into him bullying you. Or if its worse than you’re letting on, speak with the police.


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