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Angel @randomartist

Guys I need help.
One of my friends is really mad at me. I was telling her about my bf/fiancée and she got mad and said I was a bad friend and I knew she had just gone through a break up and how dare I rub my relationship in her face.
SHE broke up with her bf 4 months ago and has been dating someone new for almost 2 months (he’s literally in her phone as Husband too)
What do I do??

4 replies

May be she is not happy… ask her if she is doing fine with the new bf??

shubham @chomsi

She’s not your true friend. Friends no matter how hurt they are, will always enjoy things that mean to you. Eg. If i’m jobless and one of my frnd got a job i’d celebrate his fucking job instead of saying how dare you rub your new job at me.

Cut off your tie from fake friends like this.


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